With our animation voice dubbing service, we give voice to your video project, whiteboard work and all kinds of 2D and animated characters. In this service, the duration of the project, number of different characters to be dubbed and the broadcasting medium are factors that determine the price. You can choose the sounds that you think are appropriate for your project from our vocal bank which consists of professional voice actors, or you can leave this to our experts to create the voice cast of your project. The sounds of the voice cast created will be sent to you for confirmation, then after we get it, dubbing phase will begin. For more information about the animation voice over service, you can contact us on our contact page or live support.


Animation voice over and dubbing consists of giving the characters of a finished animation voice. When these projects come to the dubbing studio, the film is watched from start to finish and if there is none, a translation made, then appropriate voices are selected for characters. We call this voice casting. Animated film dubbing rehearsals are made with the created sound cast. Then the recording phase begins. Animation Dubbing and Voice over work is one of the most fun projects for voice over studios. Animation dubbing talents must be made up of talented people who have abilties such as imitation, sound changing, accents. The character’s voice is sometimes spontaneously determined in the studio. The voice talent who sees and decides for the character makes the character speak in alternating styles. The final decisions is of course the voice over director’s. While doing animation voice over, fun lines are dubbed in accordance with the animation’s tempo and a lively working environment is created. Of course not every animation project is not humorous and fun, but these kinds of animations are the kind that often comes to voice over and dubbing stuidos. The voice over director synchronizes the character sounds they received and brings it to the appropriate form for the characters. The animation dubbing process during the project phase is finished at this stage. After montage and mixing, and if revisions are made, it is passed to the final stage of effecting. If there are any sound effects in the animated film, they are placed in appropriate places. Sound effects make animated films more powerful. Our animation agency gives voice to animation projects with a special sound casting as well as the dubbing talents of our agency’s voice bank.

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