On this page, where you can view the commercials we created as BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, are the activities of our customers operating in different sectors. Under the Commercial Films headline, there are services such as Promotional Films, Promotional Commercials, Viral Video Commercials, 3D Modeling. The fact that so many different categories are under the same headline is related to the broadcasting domain of the commercials and techniques used. On large commercial film projects that require Production, budgeting work is proportionally more than Post Production work. Productions where a cast needs to be created, a face for the brand is selected, one or more actors are present, location scouting is needed, are productions that need budgeting. For our Commercial Filmmaking service, you can contact us at our website bibersa.com and ask for a quote for the commercial work in your mind. Apart from our commercial filmmaking service, you can also rent equipments and services. Canon Mark III, Arri Alexa, light and sound equipment, camera and equipments, drone and drone operator service are available for rental. Commercial Filmmaking service also includes Commercial Scriptwriting by BiberSA Production’s own exprienced writers team. Contact us for more information about Commercial Films.

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