In voice over profession; commercials voice over has a sizable share. In the media production sector, advertising agencies, production companies, freelance designers, shortly everyone who works in the industry, requires a voice over agency eventually. They mostly request commercials voice over service. We consider commercials voice over services in three parts. Radio commercials, TV commercials, Social media commercials voice over. Commercials from these categories are delivered to the customer after they are recorded in accordance by their form by the preferred voice artist in the studio.


Radio commercials voice over service is a radio commercial prepared for broadcasting in Turkish radio channels. This service of BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing agency only includes production of commercials to be broadcasted on the radio. Writing of commercial texts, voice over, sound design are offered to our customers in this service. During the time we operated as an commercials voice over agency, we offered radio commercials voice over services to many radio stations broadcasting in Turkey and continue to do so now. For our other voice over services, you can select the appropriate service under the Voice Over Services header and review the details.


Our television commercials voice over service includes dubbing and voice overs to commercials broadcast on the television medium. Each of are voice actors in our voice bank have a different unit price, and their fees vary according to the length of your commercial text or your commercial film. You can visit our voice bank page to hear more voice actors for your commercial film, promotional film or other content voice overs to be broadcast on the television medium. Commercial texts are very important in commercials voice over. For the commercial texts to not contain narrative incoherency, appropriate writing of the text is required, and this will make the voice actor’s job easier and it will be a correct narration. In commercials voice over, commercial texts are carefully written by text writers within the voice over agency, and are absolutely presented to the customer for approval prior to voice over. This team who writes commercial texts will follow the process of voice over besides the voice actor. Since it is difficult to write commercial texts within the commercial voice over services, some agencies choose to use ready made commercial texts. To us this is extremely wrong. We support original ideas because inspiring or copying from other commercial texts prevent development in the industry and lead to a vicious cycle.


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