We provide dubbing voice service for your video projects and we translate your projects from foreign languages to Turkish and from Turkish to foreign languages. With our voice actors in our professional voice cast, we create a cast team and provide dubbing service for contents such as commercial film, promotional film, TV series and movies. Dubbing voice over service is offered to all production companies, advertising agencies, digital agencies, television organzations and many other companies in different sectors in Turkey. You can get information about the pricing of the dubbing service by giving our customer representative information about your project. You can listen to a few of the samples of our dubbing artists from the menu below, or more from our sound bank.


Some advertisers prefer subtitles while the visual content is dubbed. The subtitle service is especially essential for the hearing impaired. Visual content that has been voiced over in a foreign language in a voice over agency, is first translated. Subtitling is done after the customer has approved the translation. The contents are presented to the customer again and the dubbing artist starts the dubbing process in the studio. The video will be delivered after dubbing and synchronization, either with or without subtitles.



Even if dubbing and voice over appear to be close to each other in the media production sector, there are actually quite a few differences with them. Dubbing; is a process of re-voicing in motion pictures, series, documentaries, shortly productions that contain charactes/actors. For example, the voice of Hollywood characters that we often encounter in movies are actually dubbing artists’. Dubbing artists also speak in television documentaries. We can give many examples like this. Voice over on the other hand; is voice that is applied in certain diction, intonation and accent rules to commercial purposed productions such as commercial films, promotional films, campaigns, announcements, etc. In conclusion, voice over is an application with certain rules, and dubbing is microphone acting where theatrical abilitiy is more preliminary.


In the media production sector, all productions for advertising purposes that contain characters/players require dubbing. Some companies use subtitles as an alternative to dubbing. If a commercial with English as its native language is to be examined as an example, giving the character a new voice in the commercial is dubbing. While this is the case in foreign content, it is necessary to pay attention to lip synchronization when performing re-voicing of characters in some Turkish productions. If this is not considered, an irrelevant product will come out. Translating and subtitling services are offered as an option on all of the voice services provided by our agency. Our translators have mastery authority certificates for their mother tongue and Turkish languages. They have the ability to translate all kinds of technical expressions.


The length of the advertisement film, how many characters are to be voiced and which broadcasting medium will be used are all factors that are used to determine the dubbing price. Dubbing artists that work with voice agencies working with unit prices also affect the dubbing price determination. The length of the promotional film or the duration of the advertisement film does not affect the dubbing cost too much. Proposel work of the project to be dubbed must be prepared with reference to market conditions. Voice over agencies think in the dubbing project, the delivery period of the project is also effective in determining the price. If unlimited revisions for customer satisfaction begin to affect the delivery date of the project more than one month, this issue will directly affect the dubbing prices.

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