In this week’s article, we will create a list of considerations when choosing a voice-over agency in the Media Production sector.

Dear friends; we all know in the sector in Turkey operates several film production companies and they hold the position of Turkey in this case in a considerable place in the world ranking. Film companies need voice-over companies when it comes to producing. The voice-over agency enables them to perform sound projects by making a solution partnership with the production company or directly to the brand, product and service. This support includes many studio recording services, including audible shooting, dubbing, and voice-over.


What Should I Look for in a Voice-over Agency

Film and production companies do not have a difficult time choosing the voice-over agency. We can say that the search for a voice-over agency will not be difficult in today’s social media usage. When you search on Google, you will get a lot of voice-over agency results. Well, which one of the results would you trust with? Which criteria will we consider? I feel like I hear your questions. You are right. Not only in voice-over, trusting a film online is not an easy thing.

The most important point that should be taken into consideration when making the choice of voice-over agency is the voice-over service that the voice-over agency mainly serves. Voice-over agency in dubbing? Otherwise, it is necessary to better determine whether it is better in voice and sound design.

The other point to be considered when choosing the voice-over agency is to determine the delivery time. Because the delivery time is very important depending on the duration of the requested project. It should be learned from the voice-over agency.

The other thing about the voice-over agency selection is the issue of the price of the voice talents in the voice bank. Reputation price is determined by the skills of the talent and it allows the voice to be broadcasted it all media mediums. Because the talent gives their voice to the brand, it allows the use of its voice with special agreements both for a certain period of time and indefinitely. During this period, the price of the voice is called reputation price. The price of the reputation may vary depending on the experience of the voice talent and the color of their voice. Reputation price is an important issue when it comes to choosing voice-over agencies.

The feature that distinguishes the voice-over agency from the dubbing agency; In dubbing agencies film, TV series are commercially recorded. In this sense, the voice-over agencies provide more of a commercial service than dubbing agencies.