I want to do voice over, what should I do? Most people come to voice over agencies with this question. Those who want voice over made and those who want to be voice overs ask the same question. We tried to answer the question ‘I want to do voice over’ under two titles.

In order to be a voice over, you undoubtedly first of all need to get a good education. Voice over does not speak with street Turkish. Enrollment in various diction courses, voice over courses, acting classes will bring you to the first step of being a voice over. The next step is a process that will be shaped entirely by your efforts, because the tongue is made up of strong muscles. Just like we can get nice looking muscles that we want with a strict training regimen, to improve the body, loud reading, tongue twisters, and exercise like these will help improve the flexibility of our tongue. Such that, the certificate you recieve from the voice over course will be no use even if it is approved by the Ministry of Education or not. The tone of your voice being beautiful does not make you a voice over. Please don’t believe in these city legends. In order to be a voice over, and do voice over work, one must work diligently as an intern in a voice over agency after going through a certain training process. What are the criterias to apply for an internship in voice over agencies and voice over studios? Good tone of voice, correct verbal Turkish and receiving a certificate after at least 6 months of education from a renowned voice over course, are the basic criteria you need to meet in order to apply for internship in voice over agencies and voice over studios. For those who want to do voice over, you can make an application by uploading your voice samples to the bibersa production voice over application page.


Dubbing is the process of re-voicing player characters in movies, series or commercials. Dubbing is more comfortable and easier than doing voice over. It is essential to reflect the emotional state of the character into the recording while the dubbing cast is created. Therefore, the attention to essential voice over rules can be stretched here. We recommend theater education to become a dubbing artist. Because dubbing artists are also microphone actors. Many of the applicants for dubbing are appliying to voice over and dubbing agencies with questions like ‘My voice is beautiful, how can I make use of it?’. Just like becoming a voice over artist, voice over and dubbing education and having good Turkish are also indispensable criteria for being a dubbing artist.


A part of people who say I want to do voice over are composed of people who want voice over made. These are considered to be potential customers for voice over agencies. I would like to get promotional films, commercial films, jingle for my brand, dubbing for my video project, and similar requests are evaluated under the category of potential customers for voice over agencies. You can choose from our voice over agency’s voice bank, the appropriate voice for your project, and have voice over done. Many people who want to buy voice over or dubbing service to their video projects, can listen to the voice demos and choose the most suitable voice for their projects. The BiberSA Production voice bank can be consulted for the selection of voice actors for professional voice over and dubbing.

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