In Turkey, many jingle production agencies apply different pricing policies for jingles. BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, who produces jingle music, brand music, corporate music, jingle commercial with song and jingle music, is delivering effective jingle commercial projects to its customers with different vocal options. BiberSA Productions, who creates its jingle pricing policy based on the music used, has different pricing policies to stock jingle music and to original jingle music. In this way, you are offered pricing in line with your preference. At the end of the project, we give all copyright of original jingle music with a deed consent to our customers. Our agency, which applies the most favorable price policy on jingles, is leading the way to new voice over and jingle projects with its dynamic working system. Many jingle projects that you encounter in broadcasting mediums are prepared by BiberSA Production and we continue our leadership in brand music production. We have taken part in radio jingles and DJ id works of many radio stations in Turkey. Pop and rap are usually the most popular music genres in our jingle making studio. We give voice to your brand with the options of male and female vocals. You can get detailed information about jingle prices by contacting us.


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