Localization and Dubbing

İngilizce Videoyu Türkçeleştirme

Localization and Dubbing

We call the localization of an English-language video, ad-dubbing. Advertising agencies operating in the media production industry in Turkey, companies, digital agencies prepare a special brand to customers abroad can find solutions from voice-over agencies to localize their videos. The Turkish translation process of the advertisement film or commercial film for the brand abroad is both faster and numerically more cost effective. Advertising agencies or companies demand native voice talents to be revoiced according to the needs of the brand. The voice-over demos are sent to the customer to make a selection. After the selection, the English translation of the video is prepared. This is done by the translators within the voice-over agency. The voice actor rehearses this translation several times in the studio. This kind of prepared English dubbing videos do not have lip synchronization. Then the vocalization director will record the voice of the film in Turkish.


Localization and Dubbing

The last stage of localizing a video is the synchronization of the voice. After this stage our original video is localized. If the original video has more than one voice, this is referred as a cast project. The different characters in the film are selected from the voice cast created in the localization process. In the field of English voiceover and dubbing, BiberSA Production team prepares the Turkish dubbed videos at the time when we promised with the experienced team and more than a hundred completed projects in English.

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