In our radio news service, we prepare radio news in the form of 6 bulletins to sattelite, terrestrial and web radios broadcasting in Turkey and abroad. Radio news includes news from Turkey and the world agenda, money markets, sports and weather. Bulletins last at most 5 minutes. In addition, another service we offer to radios is local radio news. Local news from where the radios are broadcasting in is prepared exclusively. You can choose from our professional news announcers or you can subscribe to news that we have prepared from our standard voice. Inform your audience with new bulletins we have compiled from neutral news sources, as News Announcing Agency.


With this service, the television news texts you send us between 11.00 and 18:00 will be vocalized by a news reporter and delivered to you in a short time like 5 minutes on average. You can listen to news vocalization examples below, and choose the voice you want. News vocalization is a special service for news bulletins of national, local and regional television channels broadcasting in Turkey.


Our audio newspaper program aims to bring you the news on the first pages of daily newspapers. Audio Newspaper, which is vocalized by experienced news reporters, includes first page news from 20-25 different newspapers, every morning. Each of the vocalized newspapers are recorded with their names. This way, it allows for the publishing institution to publish the desired newspaper. Audio Newspaper is delivered every morning at 8.00 am by mail or wetransfer.

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