Presentation Voice-Over

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Presentation Voice-Over

Presentation Voice-over is the process of performing a voice-over for the educational texts in the formats of Powerpoint presentations and video presentations. Generally, promotional films are also a kind of a presentation. Most of the time, it continues step by step. Audio books and e-learning videos voice-over are also considered as presentation voice-over.

Education and consultancy companies apply to the voice-over agencies and according to the content of the presentation they choose a voice from the voice cast. The voice talent selected from the cast performs a pilot reading for the presentation. This pilot reading is shared with the customer. After the customer’s approval, the actual process begins. According to the content of the presentation, a joyous, cool narration is preferred. It is essential for the presentation to be joyous and educational, rather opposite of the commercial voice-overs.


Presentation Language

In the presentation texts, the language should be used in a simple, understandable way. The explanations should be as direct as possible.


Presentation Voice-Over in Turkey

Voice-over agencies which are able to perform a voice-over are so few. Just like not every person who performs dubbing or voices a commercial will be able to perform a voice-over, a person who performs a voice-over cannot perform everything.

BiberSA Production, which meets an important need in Turkey on the voice-over production, provides voice-overs on various topics to Training and Consultancy Companies.

In addition, voice-over agencies that provide a great need for presentation voice-over in universities prepare presentations on different subjects in the field of education. These are made within the scope of presentation and guide to millions of people.

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