The visual content used in television and internet advertising is divided into two parts as commercial film and promotional film. Commercial films; are brand oriented video productions for promotional purposes. They are efforts to increase brand awareness in the market. Promotional films; are for explanation of contents such as of operation, work process, equipment presentation of production centers, plants and facilities. Promotional film voice over is longer than commercial film voice over, and is more quiet and narrative in nature compared to commercial film. Another distinguishing factor between promotional films and commercial films is the narration in promotional films. Promotional film scenarios use a more explanatory-descriptive language.


Three subjects are important when determining promotional film prices. 1- Total duration of promotional film and if any, text page count. 2- The broadcasting medium the promotional film will be used. 3- Information about whether the promotional film has an actor, another speaker other than the outside voice, or another voice that requires dubbing. Please inform the representative of the voice over agency in these three matters when you receive a quotation. Immediately after this brief you gave to the representative, you can request your promotional film voice over quote via e-mail. In the promotional film voice over service, the unit price of the voice actor is again a cost item. Some customers request for voice recommendations according to the budget of their projects. In this case, we create a voice cast according to the budget and present it to our customers as a proposal.


Promotional film voice over are speeches made before or after the editing done by the promotional film’s director. Not only the director and a voice operator are present in the voice over and dubbing studio during the dubbing process of the promotional film. Almost everyone involved in preparing the promotional film needs to be present to assure error-free dubbing. Promotional film dubbing is a reading over the promotional film frame-by-frame, by the voice over or dubbing artist. Sometimes only the promotional film text is dubbed and the editing is done after this. Voice over and dubbing studio where the dubbing for the promotional film is made must be acoustically sound and well insulated. Because environmental factors will be picked up by the microphone during recording and will prevent the recording from being usable. Of course, these are technical details. Production companies, advertisement agencies, digital agencies or the customer will select a dubbing artist appropriate to the promotional film from the voice over dubbing cast. The agency will have a rehearsal reading for the selected dubbing artist chosen appropriate to the project. The reahearsal text is a paragraph of the promotional film script. The rehearsal recording is sent to the customer and the voice over artist is evaluated such that if thier voice is integrated with the prepared text. At this stage, the customer may change the voice actor or request revisions. The final decision is made for the voice actor and they start the dubbing of the promotional film with the director. After making the required readings and dubbing, the synchronization process of the dubbing and the promotional film is started in the editing table. Finally, the promotional film voice over project is ready for demonstration.


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