Promotional filmmaking; is a process of preparing video visuals of a product, service or brand by shooting in detail and montaging footage taken by video camera and professional shooting equipments. Promotional film, from a production and advertising agency perspective; is portrayal of the product, brand, or service to the target audience in the most remarkable way, as a film. Promotional films are more detailed and longer video visuals than commercial films. One of the musts in Corporate Promotional Films is camera and lighting. Other professional shooting equipment can vary according to plans. For example, if a client requests a bird’s eye view of their factory, the equipment to be used must be selected accordingly. The biggest saviors for these airborne imaging requests are drones. High frame rate Full HD footage can be taken via high resolution cameras mounted on drones. In many films, the client might request other plans. Production companies reserve the right to revise the budgeting in light of these surprise requests. Company determines Product Promotional Filmmaking plans after concepts appropriate to the sector the client is working in are reflected towards, similar overseas competitors’ promotional films are reviewed and a text scenario is written after taking the appropriate brief about the situation of the sector in Turkey is considered. Then if exists, cast is created. Rough drafts for the plans are prepared and shooting for the promotional film, of which 60% is already created on the drawing board, can begin.


Filming can last for 1 day, while it sometimes takes months. The time needed is entirely shaped by the customer’s requests. During filming, the production team readies the shooting scene before the director, image director, art director and other cast team arrive. Filming starts with the director giving the go for the first plan shooting, and ends with montage. An important part of filming is the voice over, which is a part of post production. Again, during montage, the promotional film voice over is realized by the customer’s selected voice actor. You can watch sample promotional films we prepared for many companies in Turkey.

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