In addition to voice-over dubbing services, the sound design and effect application process are completely separate applications, but will be examined under the same heading.


Sound Design

In sound design, the film or sound project is supported by digital effects, while in the application of effects, the film or sound project is reinforced with environmental natural sounds. In this reinforcement process, natural sounds are extracted by using various objects besides digital effects.

Below is an example of Hollywood that we selected for you and can be an example of how to apply effects. In the meantime, the application of the effect in Hollywood is called foley. Foley is performed by foley artists. Because the effect application process can be taken separately, the sound recording devices can be taken in the movie set or during shooting.


Effect Application

In sound design work, sound effects in the sound projects, highlighting important places to strengthen sentences with digital effects. Digital effects are sounds generated from real voices.

You can have a movie, you can have a movie, you may have a promotional film, you can get detailed information about this subject from BiberSA Production Studios to get more detailed information about sound design and effect application projects.