What Did We Do as a Voice Over Agency?

“In the media production sector, where we operate as a voice over agency; our team works night and day to help you with Studio recording services, Commercial Films, Commercial Film Scripts, creative commercial texts, translation and voice design jobs. We create original advertising ideas and generate commercials to broadcast on TV, radio and social media with market-relevant PR surveys. We reflect to our work the meticulousness granted to us by doing it with passion.
We have created creative advertising ideas with our qualified team and developed tailored ad strategies for brands. By doing analysis of the brand, the product or the service in market conditions, we ensured them to stay one step ahead of their competitors. As a voice over agency; we have been working in the media production sector for more than fifteen years with services such as recording with sound, sound casting, dubbing casting, foreign language voice over, on hold voice over and jingle music.
By offering attractive offers to our customers who reach us from social media and other communication sources, we become solution partners in their projects. As BiberSA Productions, we have provided services such as brand consultancy, development of advertising strategies, media planning and social media advertisements to corporate giants in Turkey. We would like to share with you a few examples from the work we’ve done as a Voice Over Agency. You can check out our vimeo and YouTube channels to watch and listen to more examples of our work.”

Voice Over Works

We have made promotional films, commercials and many more projects in our Voice Over and Dubbing studio. Our most prestigious works as BiberSA Productions Voice Over and Dubbing Agency include services we provide voluntarily such as public service announcements, informational presentations, and social responsibility projects… Again, we share our projects in the Media Production sector where we give voice to many brands, products and services in this page.

Dubbing Works

As BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, we offer dubbing support to many video projects in the sector with voice actors and voice talents who are in our Voice Cast. We usually provide this service in the form of a Turkish voice over of a video on a foreign language. We selected a few examples from our dubbing work from the past for you.

Voice Over Works in Foreign Languages

As BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, we have the world’s best voices for you in our voice cast. The most renowned VoiceOver’s from around the globe are waiting to give your video project a voice in over 100 languages. Many of the brands, products amd services we provided voice over service to were satisfied with the results and lead us to meet other brands. We selected a few of these works for you.

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